Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

While I personally don't celebrate the religious aspects of Easter, I love the celebration of Spring.

Today we had some mimosas for breakfast with our cinnamon rolls.

After a walk with the puppies we went over to my Grandma's for an Easter dinner. We had an egg hunt for my little cousins that were there. Dylan and I hid the eggs and we had quite a bit of fun. Dylan is a much meaner hider than me!

In honor of the spring celebrations I thought I might show of my tiny little bit of Spring decor I managed to get together as well as some of the beautiful flowers popping up in my garden.

Spring green table cloth

New pedestal and purple candles I acquired
I filled one of my crystal vases with shiny eggs
Oooo shiny!
I put some pink fake flowers in my jar which is on the piano
I really like the look of them! They fill the jar really well.
These are my tulips that I didn't even know I had! Since we didn't move in until May last year they were here before we arrived.
This is from last weekend. One of my hyacinths I believe that I also didn't know I had. This was our first flower of the year!
Yay Springtime! Hope everyone had a great Easter!

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