Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thirty-one Bags!

After hearing about Thirty-one and their bags for a while via some of the blogs I follow, I finally had a chance to go to a Thirty-one bags party!

They are slowly making their way West! For those of you who don't know about them, check out their website:

The party itself was pretty fun, it was my mom's boss's wife hosting it and mostly going to their house made me want to decorate my house to the nines like theirs. One of these days I'll get there.

I finally got my goods last week after my mom held on to them for a week (they went out of town).

I have already put one thing to use and am holding out on the others until I get my office available (carpet FINALLY arrives and is installed 4/23!) and once it is warm enough for my already-spoiled-with-80-degree-weather-this-spring self to clean and arrange the garage.

Here is what I got!

My organizing tote with the "R" in purple of course!
 Nice and big inside and all sorts of pockets outside!
Black mini utility bin, which I think will end up being productive in the garage.
 Small tote. I think this will end up in my office/craft room.
Then the other mini utility bin is already storing our dish towels and washcloths.
 It goes under the sink...
And is replacing the drying rack we were using to hold our towels. (We only have two drawers in our kitchen!)
 Ta-da! Much cuter and takes up much less space. Yay!
I am so excited to have all my bags, now I just have to decide what to do with them and decide how many more I will need and want so that I'll have an excuse to throw my own party :)

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