Monday, April 30, 2012

Bon Voyage!

We are all packed and just trying to go to bed before we leave for Italy in the morning!

We are so super excited! I totally had lots of hopes of blogging more pre-trip, but you'll get to hear all about it when we get back!

Thoughts going through my head:

-I will miss the puppies. Freya seems like she has known we are leaving for at least two days now, and we didn't even have any packing going on. Either she is really intuitive or she was feeling extra cuddly by chance.

-I will super miss blogging! I love reading all the blogs I follow and will just have to deal with missing out while I am gone. For my blogging, I have quite a list of things for when I get back including some IKEA purchases, my office progress and some running fun. Plus all of my amazing Italy trip! I bought a little journal that fits perfectly in my little satchel purse so that I can write in that since I won't have the ability to blog. Seriously, who knew I would ever have such the need to write?

-I cannot wait to spend 11 days straight with Dylan! We travel very well together, so it should tons of fun!

-I really don't think it will hit me that I am on vacation until I get off the plane in Rome. All of the stress at work and then the prep to get ready just makes it feel like a normal day. Instead I'll be sitting at a cafe or viewing the art at the National Museum in two days. Weird.

Well I should work on getting some sleep! I will miss you all and wish us a safe trip!

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