Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Morning

Happy Saturday morning! I have been up since my usual Saturday 7am, even though I was up way past my usual Friday night bedtime last night. I am usually asleep by 9:30 on Fridays (compared to my usual 10 the rest of the week).

Last night I went to the Snow Patrol concert with my cousin, aunt and mom. It was awesome!

The opening band was Ed Sheeran. He has this really cool machine/instrument thing that allows him to record pieces of him singing or playing as he goes and then that will keep playing while he does something else. It makes it sound like a whole band when it is just one guy. But his voice was great too. He had kind of a Jason Mraz feel. Just great stuff. His debut album comes out in June, but you can get an EP form his website.

Snow Patrol was fantastic. The lead singer was just adorable and hilarious. I knew every single song they played and loved every minute of it! Great show with a lot of audience interaction.

Today the plan is to clean the house so it will A) be clean for my friend to house sit and B) be somewhat more clean for when we get home FROM ITALY.

Then we have a couple little things to get to finish getting ready for our trip, namely toiletries and start packing! Then I need to put the important details into our itinerary for the hotel info and flight info and send that off to our parents.

On that note, I guess I never REALLY thought of why I would need to give my parents that info and when I mentioned it to my mom she asked essentially who would need to die in order for us to call them? How depressing! My first thought was to include grandparents, etc. But my mom said it would be VERY unlikely we would change our trip and come back so she wouldn't want to call and depress us and more or less ruin our trip. Good call mom. So no one is allowed to die while we are gone, hear that?!

Tomorrow I have a 5 mile run with some girl friends! We will probably only run like 3 miles, but we want the chance to be able to run more. Lol.

Well off to go wake up the hubby so he can donate his car this morning! He has a POS Ford Taurus that the registration is due this month. We forgot he needs to get an emissions test and the car doesn't run (radiator, battery, etc.). We weighed the options of keeping it if we can get any sort of trade in value for it when we do buy a car (around baby arrival time) versus keeping it. The cost to get it to run, then do the emissions test, then the registration, then the insurance on it for about another year, was not worth it, especially when the Ford dealer said we could get nothing for the trade in, but up to $1,000 at their location. Then Dylan remembered we could donate it to Colorado Public Radio and get a tax deduction of at least $500 and more if it auctions for more. That sounded like an excellent plan and his car is being towed away this morning for free!

Any exciting plans this weekend for anyone?

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