Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I think I have only briefly mentioned Goodreads before on my blog, but since I discovered an amazing new feature on the iPhone App the other day I just have to share!

First off, Goodreads is a online website (as opposed to an offline one?) where you track the books you read and want to read, rate books, receive recommendations, discuss books, "meet" authors and see what your friends are reading.

I absolutely love it. Last year my goal was to read 50 books, and my goal is 40 this year. Goodreads allows you to track these kinds of goals. I am right on pace according to the site, which is good!

It also tracks a "to-read" list. I had always had paper lying around with lists of books, or lists on the notes on my phone/iPod. Then I finally noted an "ad" in one of my Goodreads emails about the ability to scan in ISBN (book identification numbers) from the app!

I had to check it out right away, but since I mostly read just on my Kindle now, I had to go trek downstairs for a book to test it on. Voila! Amazing. It scans the ISBN and then tells you the book and allows you to add it to any of your "lists" (it automatically gives you a "read", "to read" and "currently reading" list but you can add whatever you need/want).
The view from the scanner (my hand is in front so you can read it)
Books I have recently scanned in
So simple! If you are a reader at all I highly recommend the service and the app for your phone!

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