Sunday, March 4, 2012

Two Years of Fluff!

Yesterday was Freya's Second Birthday!

I remembered quite a few times in the days before, but managed to forget most of the day of (I was busy painting my office/craft room! More on that soon!). Then 6 o'clock rolled around and there was a dog or a birthday commercial on TV and I felt terrible for forgetting most of the day!

So we headed over to PetSmart with the puppies (they love going there!) and bought Freya a new treat dispenser toy and stuff animal.

After making out purchases we headed home for a birthday snack before getting presents.

Cheese and crackers!

She is super excited!
We knew it wouldn't be fair if Ares didn't get anything so Dylan made him a plate too.
A little anxious!  

Then for the present! (We kept the treat ball for during the week to keep her entertained, we have two of them now)
 First Freya had it...
 Then of course Ares wanted it...
But one he got it he doesn't really share...
 But Freya seemed just fine anyways since she is all mature now being 2!
We took them for a nice walk today and spent a lot of time at the dog park. Overall a pretty good birthday weekend I think! Love my baby girl and she has been such a great companion these last two years!

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