Sunday, March 18, 2012

Adding Purple

For the first time in my life I have a purple room! In fact, I now have two purple rooms!

Two weekends ago we painted my future office/craft room and also the main level bathroom.

This was pretty much my first time painting. I helped my parents out a little bit when they painted while I was in high school, but I'd definitely classify myself as a beginner.

We decided to paint the downstairs room since we are in the process of getting a new floor after our flood from a couple months ago. With no flooring it makes it super easy to paint and we figured it was as good of a time as any.

Since it is my "cave" I got to choose the color. I knew I wanted purple, being my favorite color and all. I also wanted something light that would add some more brightness to the room since it is in the basement and only has a window well for natural lighting.

We also decided to paint the main level bathroom. The main motivation for this was that I wanted to take down the full wall mirror and put in a small framed mirror above the since and put in some art work I want to make. (See that project idea here) When we first started to take down the mirror, we realized when the previous owner repainted, the space behind the mirror reasonable did not get painted so the whole wall wasn't the same color. So in order to do what I wanted, we would have the paint that room.

We ended up selecting Hosta Flower by Behr.
It is a really light purple, but since I was going for bright, light was the way to go.

We taped everything up and started going! I did the trim while Dylan did the roller. We painted the walls and the ceiling in both rooms, including the closet in the office/craft room. We did the first coat on the Saturday and then the second coat on Sunday.

Dylan and I did really well together! I know I have mentioned before that home improvement projects are a little tension-filled in our house. Dylan had some painting experience, which helped give me some direction and made him more easy going. 

I think it turned out really well!

Here is the bathroom: (see the link above for the "before" of the bathroom)

 Here is my room:



I know they look quite white, but I promise, it definitely looks purple in real life.

It has taken a little bit to get used to the bathroom being so bright. We still have yet to hang up the mirror I got for $7.50 from Target a bit ago. I won't be able to work on the art work until my craft room is finished so that bathroom will be in a bit of an in-between phase for a while yet.

Now we just need to get the floor in, but that is a whole 'nother story I prolly won't tell until it is eventually done.

YAY purple though :)

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