Sunday, March 18, 2012

Want Want Want

I love stuff. I always want more stuff. Stuff in the physical stuff way and stuff to do and stuff like attention.

Today I am especially needy or greedy and most especially impatient.

I had a great trip to IKEA with one of my girlfriends today. We have only had IKEA around for about 6 months and this was my friend's first time there. I was specifically looking to get ideas/measurements for things for my office/craft room.

I have been to IKEA about 4 or 5 times. I think we have bought a whole three things from there. Not from a lack of wanting. I seriously just want to go there with $300 dollars to burn and get all kinds of stuff to decorate with. One of these days.

One of the specific things I also went to look at was the expedit shelves. I have seen so many amazing ideas on Pinterest and I think they would be perfect in my family room on the wall below the kitchen/behind the couch in place of my original idea here. Now I am thinking of doing an expedit shelf system against the wall and still the shelves. Then I want to move the DVD cases over on the wall by the TV and probably get one more so it lines the whole wall (and since our second one is already 2/3 full).

We are kind of getting into desperate mode in terms of needing something to store electronics items up in the family room. We spend the majority of our waking hours here. So we have cords for the Kindle, cameras, computer, etc. lying around all the time. We have the VGA cord up here most of the time so we can watch shows from the computer. Except that Ares eats electronics (including remotes... which he ate our fancy one for our TV that had a full keyboard about two weeks ago), so we have to put everything away before we leave the house.

I am thinking two sets of the 8 cube Expedit shelves would be perfect and the getting some of the pull out boxes to put things in.

In the mean time, I migrated the 2 of the set of cubes I have upstairs to go by the TV. I have had them for almost ten years and they have traveled with me everywhere but the dorms. They are a set of cubes from Target. I have six of these cubes, two open with a shelf, two with two drawers and two with a door and a shelf inside. They have had many uses, but they are getting quite beat up. In the guest bedroom we have the open shelf and the door cubes, two stacked up on each side. The drawers which were housing all of my office stuff are now sitting awkwardly by the TV.
Cubes by the TV

Cubes in the guest bedroom

Close up
That is the new and improved family room plan, once we get around to really putting it in motion.

Other than that I want my bedroom set, which we are really hopefully getting after our trip to Italy.

I want to go to Italy. Only a month and a half to go!

I want it to not be Sunday.

I want a Spring break.

But I cannot have these things, at least not right now.  So just a lot of wishing and hoping for now.

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