Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Cave

The countdown is on! Only a couple weeks left until the exciting and sad move out of my cousin and his girlfriend. Exciting because they will be closer to his work and then she can take light rail to her work. Sad because Dylan and I will miss them a lot.

Also exciting because we will get our basement! I am especially excited because that means more space to design and decorate. While I am thrilled about creating our bar area, I am undeniably ecstatic about creating my cave in the bedroom.

I did a little research, got a little inspiration and tried to really think about what I wanted in "my cave."

According to Home Goods Mom Cave page (pretty much my room is a mom cave), the essentials are:
1) A place to sit.
2) Space to organize my stuff
3) An area to do things I love
4) Room for my girlfriends to visit

I think I've got a good plan. Here is the layout of the room and what I am thinking of putting in it:
(Look at my mad architect skills! ha ha. I didn't know Paint could add grid lines, very helpful.)

Let me walk you through my thoughts clockwise starting with the bottom left corner.

This will be my office area, something like this:

A small little nook for my computer. I can sit and blog and facebook. I will need to get a really comfy chair and a blanket too. I think the walls will probably involve some shelves for organizing, but the biggest difficulty is not adding too much to the walls because we may eventually have the room as a bedroom for one of our kids.

The closet will be the storage for a filing cabinet, my craft stuff and also a wine rack. Kind of a mix of all of these:

Super classy :) All sorts of organizy things! Love it! And it is a good place for a wine rack since it is cool and the door will pretty much always be closed.

The craft table area.

I want a pretty clean area but enough space to do some larger projects. I will probably get a table almost exactly the same as the one in the top photo. I want a couple organizy things for the table as well. The table will be by the window, but I will probably need an extra light as well. 

The other item in the room will most likely be a sleeper couch. This will be one of our guest bedrooms, but I also want it to be a more functional room. I want to have a comfy place to sit and drink wine or read a book. 

I will also have a bookshelf and an end table for more storage, areas for displaying pictures, etc., and for setting down wine glasses and snacks.

I am sure it will take a bit to get the basics and the room set up, but after that comes decorating :)

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