Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rehearsal Dinner and Ceremony Decor

This weekend Dylan and I sat down and planned our menu for the rehearsal dinner. Breakfast time! I obviously picked the theme :) I LOVE breakfast and would totally eat it for every meal if I could.

Dylan actually came up with the idea probably almost a year and a half ago, before we were engaged. He suggested that we have the wedding part cook for everyone at the rehearsal dinner. Granted this was way before we decided on having the wedding in Nebraska and at his parents house.

We will still be having breakfast, but Dylan and his mom are taking care of most of the prep and cooking. Since there will be about 40 people (and that's about as small of a rehearsal as we could have. Includes wedding party and their guests, parents, grandparents, officiant and wife, flower girl and family and ring bearer and family.) We will be having the rehearsal and the dinner at Dylan's parents' house.  (Just thought we'd add more clean up and prep for the ceremony ;) )

So the menu includes: crab cakes Benedict, eggs Benedict, waffles, fruit, sausage, bacon, and hash browns. Beverage include juice, mimosas and bloody marys. DELICIOUS! I am super excited I am able to incorporate more of my favorite things into the wedding.

We also worked out the ceremony decor a little bit, since Dylan's mom needs to order flowers to plant so they will be in bloom for the wedding. We are essentially using the door and patio of the barn as the alter and will have flower pots of various heights and sizes at the posts. So Dylan, our officiant and I will be on the porch with the wedding party on the outside on the other side of the flowers.

So getting through some "checks" (a check is checking an item off my list).

Checks to do between this week and next Wedding Wednesday:
-Hopefully some of the BMs can come over and help get through some more progress on the bouquets this weekend
-Dylan needs to go pick out his tux and get measured. He already has an idea of what he wants: 3 piece charcoal gray suit, white shirts and purple ties.
-Maybe go to David's Bridal with the flower girl and her mom and pick out or at least look at dresses for her
-I need to, but am avoiding, calling to set up hair and make-up appointments
-Send addresses to my aunt for the bridal shower in Nebraska

Checks I have gotten done this week: Not even going to go there this week... ha ha

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