Tuesday, February 7, 2012

DIY Scrapbook Canvas Art

After having a bit of a hiatus on crafting due to the holidays and managing our budget, I am back in the game and with A LOT of ideas.

I have been hoarding materials for my plans for about 2 months now. I keep most cardboard, I have a sizable stash of Styrofoam and quite the collection of wine bottles. 

The first project on the table is some scrapbook paper canvas art. 

First let's start with the inspiration:
(Apparently Pinterest couldn't find the original pin, so if you know the source, let me know!)
Using some scrapbook paper on canvas creates some easy art adding pattern and color to the house!

I feel like I am mostly traditionalist when it comes to decorating. I'm note huge on crazy color and I like a lot of neutrals. The biggest thing is that Dylan is afraid of putting holes in the walls so I feel like anything I do has to be well thought out.

This last week Michael's was having a great sale on a lot of stuff, including scrapbook paper so I picked up giant book of scrapbook paper for $12.

After flipping through it a couple of times I had to decide where exactly I wanted my scrapbook canvas art to go.

I have quite a few things in mind for a lot of the walls and the biggest space, the living room, is pretty much unfurnished right now so I don't want to put too much in there knowing there was a good chance I would re-do all of it anyways.

I settled on the wall by the stairs and the hallway upstairs because it is one the biggest walls in the house and there won't really be any competing colors or anything to detract from my project.
I promise my house is not yellow, just the lighting at 9 o'clock at night

This is pretty much the color the wall is in person
With the space in mind I needed to commit to a color.  I decided green would be good since we don't really have any green in the house and I don't have huge plans to add green anywhere at the moment.

Here was my favorite scrapbook paper:

So I looked through the other green papers that might complement it (I apologize about the terrible lighting, but apparently my creativity was happening at night for this)

The bottom ended up being my favorite initially.

There was also some brown and blue in the first paper, so I liked these as well:

So then I laid them all together and consulted Dylan.
He said he didn't see the blue in the main print, so that took out the blue. Then he said it was weird to have different shaped circles (the other green one) and that the brownish design was too busy and detracted from the main one I wanted.

Then I went to this:

I consulted Dylan again and he had the best idea--the put it on the wall as a diamond instead of a square since it will be above the stairs. Totally brilliant:

I am super excited! I just have to start building my "canvases." To be even cheaper and more DIY, I'll also be making my own "canvas" using cardboard. I saved the IKEA box from our coffee table:
I may get a chance to start this project this week. Since Dylan just got the new Reckoning PS3 game tonight which he has been talking about non stop for three weeks, I think I'll have some time to work on it. :)

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