Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I Procrastinate

Why do today what I can put off until tomorrow?

I was thinking of the random things that I have been putting off for a good while now and hoping they will eventually get off of my "Eventually and when we have the money for it" list.

These are not really fun things, just things I should do, things I need to do and things that I really need to do but am still not doing.

Here is what I have been putting off (Shame on Me!):
  • The dentist. I mean I know you never want to go, but I just never schedule an appointment. I went about a year an a half ago and mentioned the fact that I might want to get my wisdom teeth out. Went to the oral surgeon and since my insurance and the dentist never got back to me (I did call about it like twice, but didn't really press the matter), I still have my wisdom teeth. Mind you I have never had a cavity, but I did have braces... I'll get there eventually.
  • Along the same lines, the eye doctor. I love being able to see clearly, but again it takes time and the eye doctor is expensive! Yes I have insurance but I have "special eyes" with one asigmatism and a lot of allergies so my contacts are expensive. So I haven't been in about a year and a half and I just wear my "one month" contacts for 2-3 months so they last until I feel like going. My glasses are even worse, they are coming on six years old and I never got them fitted to my face, so they are kind of a disaster. I cannot even legally drive in them anymore. But between the contacts and the glasses, that is even more expensive, le sigh.
  • A fun thing I am supposed to have started and have not is learning to play piano. Well I did a couple of lessons last year, but it's been like three or four months now and I have my new books from Dylan that I need to start using. This just comes down to committing myself and my time.
  • I have a million things to get done on my car. I need an oil change. I always go at least another 2,000 miles past what they recommend, usually more like 5,000. It's not like my oil is going anywhere, it just gets dirty. I REALLY need new tires. About four months ago we got a screw in the back right tire. It is still there (hooray for run flat tires!). We took it in to Costco, where I bought the tires last April, but they said that since we hadn't gotten the rotated they wouldn't replace it and the screw was too close to the side to repair. Midas confirmed that the tired could not be repaired. Over 4,000 miles or so later, it is still in great shape. Only drawback is the tire warning light is always on so we have to check the tires all the time to make sure they are all good. I also need a enw windshield. Cars suck. (I do love my car though!)
  • I really need to get my ring cleaned. I haven't done it with my engagement ring except when the quick clean it when we were looking for wedding bands and I have never gotten my wedding band cleaned. We are coming up on 9 months of marriage soon, so I should probably work on that.
  • Last, a haircut.  I haven't gotten my hair cut since right before the wedding. It is now obscenely thick and has more split ends than I have ever had. At this point I think I'll be waiting until closer to our Italy trip though.
I know I am a planner, and these things are all in my head, I have plans for them to get done. It's just a matter of prioritizing.
Instead of playing piano I went showshoeing this weekend instead
Right now Italy is more important than new tires (that are less than a year old...). And craft stuff is more important to me than a haircut.

It will all work out eventually and I know it will all get done in good time.

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