Friday, February 3, 2012

Doggie Home Improvements

Last Saturday, I was trying to decide what to do for the day and saw Ares almost having to crawl out of the doggie door.

Our previous owner had a lhasa apso that was old, so the doggie door was a "medium" size and low to the ground. Our dogs are 40 pounds and about 22 inches tall. Freya always had to duck quite a bit to get out, but it wasn't too terrible. Now Ares is about 2 inches taller than her and it's a little bit more of a challenge to get in and out.

Complete with dinosaur stickers on the side!
I commented to Dylan that maybe it would be a good weekend to put in a new doggie door.

After finally getting the right one, Dylan set about putting it in. (Note: Apparently there are different doggie doors for doors and doggie doors for exterior walls. Also, measure how big you think you might want and maybe looking online BEFORE you buy one that is too big might be a good idea too...)
Sorry it is a goofy picture, but he wouldn't let me retake it
Oh look! It's bigger!
Every time we do something to the house, we fight. We hung up the pictures in the dining room and when I measured I had one too low, since Dylan was putting in the nails in he got all upset and stormed out.

This time I was suggesting maybe I leave the house so he could work on it himself and so we don't have to fight about it. Well that didn't quite work out, so there was the usual tension in the house. He was doing most of it, and I was sitting reading and waiting for him to need my help. And of course there were complications of not having the right tools. Sigh.

Well in the end it got done on Sunday, which was totally fine.

Drama aside, we have our nice, fancy new doggie door!

Puppies checking it out and using it right away!
It has two flaps, so it keeps the house warmer. It looks really nice too. Of course the issue may be that as a result of it being bigger they may be able to bring more things outside... And now Ares can almost run in and out of the door.

In the end it was a successful project and we are happy with the results! I just have to keep convincing Dylan to do more projects around the house and it probably might be a good idea to learn how to use a saw.

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