Friday, January 27, 2012

Forever Doesn't Mean Often

These last couple weeks I have been really missing my girls.

After getting to spend a lot of time with Dylan recently, including our laid back weekend last week, I miss my girl time. (I can't ever have everything in balance it seems!)

There are always excuses and I know everyone is always busy, but that doesn't mean I miss them any less. In fact, with being busy I can use the break and the girl time even more it seems.

We are all at such different places in life that sometimes I find excuses to not call them. One of us lives 3 hours away, one of us is a single mom with a three year old, one of us has a busy work schedule and here I am living my life too. I know I at least assume that the other girls are too busy to call or busy doing something so I probably shouldn't bother them.

Then you add on the social media outlets and I feel like I at least get some idea of what they have going on, so I feel less inclined to need to talk to them as well. 

But that is SO wrong! All of it!

We need each other more then ever. With so much other stuff going on it is important to be able to have your girls to rely on and to be comfortable with.

I know I am slowly working towards making good friends at work, but it's as bad as dating new people!  It would be so refreshing to just be myself and say whatever I feel and just laugh and reminisce.

Our lives are changing so fast that I need a full afternoon or so to really catch up, but that is even more of a luxury. It is important to get the input of those who know (or used to know) you best and the opinions of those you trust.

Plus it is just plain fun to see each other!

And nothing can replace that one-on-one contact with each other. It's not the same to read an update on Facebook or get a quick "She's doing well" when asking about how another one of us is doing.

I will try to be better about just calling when I miss them or just want to chat. I am making an effort to see them when possible, but things come up and schedules change, so things keep getting pushed off.

It does need to go both ways too, with me getting a hold of them and them making an effort to get a hold of me. I just need to get the ball rolling! Hopefully I will get a chance to see or at least catch up with my girls soon!

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