Tuesday, January 24, 2012


That is what Freya is doing right now. Apparently she thinks it is dinner time (In her defense we do feed them between 6:30 and 7:00 most nights and it is 6:35 at the moment I wrote this).
My Little Princess
I just finished telling her that I used to be so proud of her and brag about the fact that she never complained or bothered us about getting fed. These last three weeks she does this "ruff" at us when she wants food. While tonight she actually starting complaining during dinner time, the other night it was not even 5! Not that she bothers us every night, but she used to be so good!

Mommy's Good Boy!
Overall the puppies have been good though. Ever since the New Year we have had the gate down in the house, so the puppies have had free reign. We have only lost one telephone and one pair of headphones. They have only taken one blanket and one handtowel outside. They only ate the stuffing out of the dying pillow twice. On the plus side, they haven't eaten any of the furniture. I would count that as a good three weeks.
Chillin' on the rug
Also, this last weekend we finally had a chance to pick up the back yard since enough of the snow melted. Dylan did poop patrol while I picked up the dogs toys and toy remains (fluff) from around the yard. Their basket of dog toys was almost completely empty before, and here is an after picture:
Maybe a little spoiled...
They are just so stinking cute and fun :) This is when I had them lay down next to each other. You can see why one of Ares' nicknames is Goofy. 

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