Friday, May 27, 2011

Welcome to Home Ownership

This first week and a half has already been quite a welcome to home ownership.

The first night, Dylan used the Jacuzzi tub. He filled it up high enough for the jets and then got in, resulting in the water rise well onto the overflow drain. When I went downstairs, water was dripping into the kitchen through the ceiling. Not awesome. We have a one year home warranty thanks to our fabulous realtor, and they came a checked out the issue. It was the overflow drain that is not sealing appropriately. Since the plumbing guy didn't have anything to shorten the screw for the overflow drain to make it tighter and seal better. But he still recommended that we avoid filling it up to the overflow since even when installed properly, they have a tendency to leak. So now we know. We also still have to get the ceiling in the kitchen repaired, but we wanted to wait until after the party we are having this weekend.

The other thing is our internet and phone company. We were a little slow in calling them to move (we moved Wednesday and called Thursday). Turns out it takes 3 full business to get a technician out to set it up. So that was supposed to happen on Tuesday. Tuesday came and by 5 pm (when the said everything would be working by), we still had nothing. So I call their tech support, and they said the order was placed on hold, that they don't know why and that I will need to call Customer Care, which is only open from 8am-6pm. So I had to wait until the next day. I called right at 8:00am, and I guess the issue was that the old line had not been disconnected yet. So the phone company failed to A) verify whether that was the case while I was setting up the move/transfer, which is one thing they are supposed to do and B) call and let me know my order was not going to go through, again, something the customer care guy said they are supposed to do. So somehow I managed to completely fall through the cracks. Then it takes another 3 full business days (with the day I called not counting, even though I called at 8am), so I still don't get internet at my house until next Tuesday. Ugh. It better work once I get it. I just called to confirm my order, and it is all set.

Our DirecTv went really well on the other hand. They were over 24 hours after I called to have them set it up. They did have a couple of hazards at our house though. There was a bird nest on the power box, and one of the baby birds (they were in the learning how to fly stages) fell down into the window well, so Dylan had to fish that out when he got home. There were also wasps in the old dish, so they had to spray that down and kill them. Oh the delights of having a yard...

Speaking of yard, we bought a lawn mower this weekend to mow the lawn. I don't think the previous owner had mowed at all this year, since it was really thick in the back. Dylan did a great job though:

It helps that we don't have a huge yard :) I did poop patrol in the back in about 2 minutes and I think it took Dylan maybe 15 whole minutes to mow the front and back. We are both excited about the yard in general though, so that is a good joy of being a homeowner.

We'll see how the rest of this year goes. I think it will quite an adventure (and probably an expensive one at that!).

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