Sunday, October 16, 2011

Silk Thread Art

Labor Day weekend I was at the Taste of Colorado and one of the booths was silk thread art.
It was something like this above (this is another piece of art by the artist, Barrett Ohene at
I fell in love with it. The piece I saw in person had more emphasis on a piano (and I am looking for piano art for putting above the piano).

I have been trying to find some way for me to learn how, but Google has not been very helpful. Turns out when you type in silk thread art that can mean a lot of things. I have learned that this particular type of art comes from Africa (most places identified Ghana as the origin of the technique) and the art was passed down from generation to generation. Traditionally the silk is hand dyed. It kind of looks like the steps are 1) sketch the drawing 2) trace the drawing 3) something with glue and the thread and maybe weaving... that is really all I have so far, i.e. not a lot.
I just think it is absolutely beautiful with the way the light bounces off the thread going the different directions.

For whatever reason I feel like this is something I should be able to do on my own. This is apparently really unrealistic since I cannot find anything about how to do it or really any classes on it. Maybe it is a life long goal or just some dream. If anyone knows how to do it and would be willing to teach me or knows someone who would, please let me know!

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  1. Hi there! I found your blog while looking for info on the same artist! His work is truly amazing...... so I went looking too....this is all I've found so far that references how he does it: "My work is all made from silk thread glued on leather. I create my sketch, glue the surface then I fill each section by laying the thread one string at a time. Media: Mosaic, Other Media
    Phone: 240.483.8701
    Hope that helps....if you find anything more, please post and I'll do the same! Good luck! -Lisa


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