Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Photography for the Dining Room

We have been in our house for just over four months now.

The walls are still pretty bare. We got a couple things up about a month ago, but still have a long ways to go.

Part of the reason our walls are bare is that I am still deciding how to decorate and where I want to put things. I am finding myself having issues committing to putting things on the wall because then I will put a hole in the wall. What if we totally change the room in 4 months? Granted it is unlikely for most rooms, but some rooms, like my current office, will be a nursery in a year and a half or so.

On the other hand, I know what the dining room is like now and I pretty much know what I want in it. I even know what I want to do for the walls.

So lets go ahead and take a look at my dining room and what I want to do. Only take a look since my budget still doesn't have room for decorating yet.

This is the dining room:

As you can tell there is a lot more going on on the rigth side of the room.

First step would be to change the table. The hard part is that this table is Dylan's grandmother's table that she bought as an antique or something. What I really want is to have one of those tall square tables.

Here is an example:
Obviously the bookshelves would be moved out to the office or living room. In terms of china cabinet or buffet, I am thinking maybe something like this on each side of the window so that I can center the table in the room.

Now onto the walls. I decided a long time ago that I wanted to put up pictures from trips Dylan and I have taken. Landscape pictures, no people. I think I want three 8"X10" photos on each wall, maybe 11"x14". These will go up sooner rather than later hopefully, so before we get the dining set I want.

Here are the photos up for contention at the moment. There could be more by the time I actually get to put them up and buy frames.


Colorado National Monument Park

Independence Rock at Colorado National Monument

Independence Rock from the side angle

Coke Bottles at Colorado National Monument
Elk at Yellowstone

Some mountain on the way home from Yellowstone

Lake at Pikes Peak

Olympic National Peninsula

I feel like we should have more, but then most of the time I insist on putting a person in there since these photos, while awesome, are not great for Facebook. Ha ha.

I will eventually have to pick 6 of them. And then decide what order I want them in. At least I can put off real decisions for now and just think about what I want in my head.

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