Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ares the Adorable

So my sister and people thought that the pictures I posted last weekend of Ares were so cute. I thought they were cute but that they really didn't do him justice. I had been kind of slacking on the camera thing, so I did much better this weekend. I even remembered my camera for Ares' second outing to the big dog park!

Sit back and enjoy!

Hanging on Freya's old bed:

 Chillin' out by the kitchen:
 Cuddling in the back of the car on the way to Grandma and Grandpa's:
 Ares sleeping on the floor next to Duke:
 I love this picture because it shows how Freya and Ares look so much alike:
 Watching Mom and Dad cook
 Getting a bone off of the couch
 Playing with and licking said bone:
 Being spoiled hang out on Mom and Dad's bed Saturday morning.
 Rolling around on the bathroom floor (this is when he is most deviously cute, in the mornings while you brush your teeth):
 At the dog park and excited to be there:
 An awesomely perfect picture of Ares and I (my idea, Dylan as photographer):
 Checking out the pond at the park:
 Hanging out on the sand looking at the other dogs play:
So freaking adorable! Hopefully now you all really understand how unfair his cuteness is. Ha ha, I may be a little bias :) Overall another great weekend with the puppies!

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