Sunday, August 14, 2011

I Have Stuff on My Walls

I have stuff hanging on my walls! It only took three months...

Dylan was a rock star and helped me out (he really has been super helpful lately, I think it helps that his family is coming into town tomorrow, maybe I will need to have them come out more often!)

We hung up our multi-color wall circles. I am still getting used to it since it makes the room feel more...I don't know...full. All of it makes the house feel more ours.
 A close up of the multi-color circles.
 We also hung things up in the kitchen.
 This is the sign above the door. We got it during our trip to the vineyards in Grand Junction.
 The rest of the decor is three trivets we got as a bridal shower gift. We didn't need them as trivets, but they make great decorations! The kitchen feels so different with them.
 Ok this is a TERRIBLE picture, but you can kind of see two things hanging on the wall, one on each side of the window.
 Those are these! (An actual picture). We got these as a wedding gift from our registry. They also make the house feel more ours and decorated in general.
 We also made a couple of other purchases today. I got my bar stools I have been eying for a while. I have looked everywhere and I didn't find any that I liked better or for even close to the price. They are from Walmart for $30 a piece. Sweet! I was so sick of standing in the kitchen (I realize that sounds really lazy, but after all day of cleaning or work, I just want to sit)  So I bought my stools so we could hang out in the kitchen more comfortably and eat at the counter.

And one last thing on the wall! We bought a coat hanger to hang the dog leashes on. We were using the railing for Freya's leash, but that doesn't work so well with two. It looks really nice too!

As you can tell, we got a lot of work done! I am so excited about everything we accomplished but also excited about all of the other projects to come.

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