Thursday, July 7, 2011

Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes...

Baby in a baby carriage.

This weekend, on Sunday, the day after our wedding (which I am still blogging more about, don't worry!), I went up to Omaha to visit more of my family.

My cousin Trisha just had her baby girl the previous Monday so she was just a couple days old. SO cute! I got to hold her for a good long while and she just curled up and slept. She grabbed my finger. She yawned. She opened her eyes for a bit and looked up at me and around the room.

That makes it really hard to not want a baby.

I had half a dozen or so family members ask "When is the baby coming?", mostly joking mind you. Although my family is all about having babies 9 months (or less -- my parents got married in August and I was born the following January, that is not 9 months!) after their wedding.

As you probably know, our plan, ok my plan, is to start working on it about 1 year from now.

The whole baby thing also came up a lot on the Fourth of July, since Dylan and I hung out with a bunch of Dylan's friends. So there were four couples, three of which were married (including us!). While the guys played games, the girls sat and chatted. Of course the topic of babies came up.

The usual talks about when and how many kids and genders came up. We talked about wanting two versus three kids and awkward middle children. (Don't worry, I still want three kids, I think we decided anyone was likely to be awkward). The guys kept coming in on these conversations and Dylan said, jokingly of course, that I'm not allowed to hang out with married women anymore, ha ha :)

Tonight, I was reading one of my favorite blogs, and the blogger's sister just had a miscarriage. I was devastated. Granted I only know the blogger through her blog and not in person, but I really just thought about how exciting it is that her sister is pregnant just the other day. Reading through some of the comments, most of it was words of encouragement and support, but there were also stories of others having miscarriages and their issues trying to conceive.

Another one of my blogs, again a person I don't actually know, just found out she is basically infertile a couple weeks ago.

All of this just makes me want to get started right away because if we wait, what if something happens? The younger you are, the better chances you have to conceive and less issues you are likely to have. I could go on, but that is the general gist.

Don't get me wrong, I am still all about waiting this next year. I have a lot I want to do and I definitely want us to be in a stronger financial position. But I really plan to stick to my guns and get going on it not too long after.

Plus babies are so fun and cute! And Dylan was already talking about wanting to stay at home with the chillins today.

Thank goodness I make the decisions around here :)

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  1. I cried for a solid 30minutes after reading about Katie's sister :( I've always tried to tell myself that there is some connection between you and your body and your partner and some force out there that determines when you are ready and when it's right - and it will be perfect. And I can't wait for baby Otleys.


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