Thursday, July 7, 2011

6 Weeks Pics

More puppy love! FINALLY! The last pictures we got were at 3 weeks!

We did get this one 5 week old pic of two males:
 Then she posted 6 week old pictures of each puppy separate.

Here is the black collar puppy:
 Here is the blue collar puppy:
 Here is the orange collar puppy:
 Here is the red collar puppy:
They are all so freaking cute! I am kind of ok not getting to pick which one since they are so cute. I feel like they are all so big already!

Puppy #2 will be shipped July 26th. So only 18 days away! I am glad we already have a dog and dog stuff, or I think I would be more nervous. I should probably brush up on my Puppies for Dummies book just in case though.

I also want to do some more research on the name before we officially go with Odin. We'll see if I have time. We are going camping this weekend and probably again the weekend before the puppy arrives. We won't get to camp for a while with the new puppy since he will need his shots.

So soon! Freya will be so excited :)

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  1. aw i'm so in love with all of them! Freya will be a fantastic sister!


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