Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wedding Weekend Bliss

 Oh hello blog! I know it has been well over a week since I last posted, but as you know I was busy getting married. I have a whole list of blogs I will be going through the next couple days. The best part is that I will have time to blog since I am done planning and coordinating the wedding.

I will focus this blog with the days leading up to the wedding. I will put in some pictures for what I have, but I really don't have much.

I had the most amazing time! We drove in on Wednesday and got in around 3pm. Not too exciting of a drive, but puppy got to enjoy her new treat.

We hung out at the barn for a little bit while Dylan's mom and I showed each other our wedding projects. Dylan and I checked out all the amazing improvements Dylan's parents made. The barn and grounds were absolutely beautiful.

Then we went out to dinner. They have this awesome beer, Summer Shandy, that we all got. (Dylan's mom bought some for the girls to enjoy the next day since it was delicious).

Then we met up with Dylan's friend after he was done with work. I let Dylan drink and decided to be the designated driver, since Dylan usually drives me around at home and this time he was hanging out with his friends.

Thursday, we dropped off all of the stuff for the reception at The Del Ray after going out to lunch with my parents in the Lincoln Haymarket. Then Dylan and I got our marriage license, only $20! Not too much work to get married in Nebraska these days. My parents had to go through a blood test and it took a couple weeks to get through it all when they got married almost 24 years ago. Now it takes only about 15 minutes and a one page application. The hardest part is knowing where your parents are born.

We also picked up Dylan's tux on Thursday. Turns out Dylan would either get a a free tux rental or $450 towards a suit since he had 5 groomsmen renting a tux. Dylan didn't know there was an option to get $50 store credit until the Lincoln store told him and I about it. He's had his eye on this gray suit ever since he started looking for his tux, so now he'll be able to get it for free! Nice deal.

When we got back to Dylan's parents, there was a huge tree that fell in road. Only one car could go around at a time. Dylan and his dad cleared most of it. Thank goodness it wasn't on Friday or Saturday!

Then the girls got in Thursday evening. After I gave them a tour of the grounds and the barn, we started inflating the island raft for the pond. We took turns inflating and hoola hooping. Then we hung out at the pond for a good bit.

That night we went out with some one of the groomsmen and had some Elk Creek Water and then met up with another of the groomsmen. We had a ton of fun! It was so nice to go out with the girls and Dylan and his friends. As always, I wish Dylan's friends lived in Colorado so I could hang out with them more.

That is Wednesday and Thursday. I clearly don't look stressed and was just having a ton of fun. That is pretty much how the rest of the weekend went. I will follow up hopefully tomorrow with pictures of the zoo and details of the rehearsal dinner!

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