Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Travel Blogging

I am training for work in Atlanta this week. I kind of thought I might have had more time to blog or catch up on thank you notes from the showers (I will post about the CO shower soon I promise!), but who was I kidding!? I have not gotten to my room until after 11 every night.

I have always loved traveling. I love flying. I really do. I feel like most people hate it. Believe me, I have had my share of bad experiences like cancelled flights, but it is still such a great way to travel.

I even enjoy the airport. I realize I am probably one of he only people to ever say that. As long as I am not running late, it's a good experience. I like to play the lane game in picking which security line and track if I would have been faster in a different lane (from Up In the Air where George Clooney says to never get behind families or old people and that Asians are your best bet, great rules). I love trying to be as efficient as possible when I have my laptop and a checked bag and therefore liquids. I was a little slow Sunday since I was out of practice, but not too bad.

I love people watching on the train through the airport and eavesdropping on conversations. I like the fact that waiting at the airport is a great excuse to just sit and read. The flight itself is an even better chance to read and/or sleep.

I always get orange juice with ice on airplanes. I don't do this anywhere else.

With traveling for work, I always go through interesting emotions. I never like leaving Dylan, so that is always hard. It's hard to leave puppy too. Having a bed to myself goes both ways because I have all the space and can set up the pillows exactly how I like (one on each side of me and one at the top), but I don't sleep as well without Dylan next to me.

I always have a mix of not wanting to go because I would rather stay at home versus going to a new place and having new experiences and meeting new people. I feel like this is the story of my life though, I love my comfort zone, but I like trying new things too.

My trip to Atlanta has definitely been an interesting experience though. I am only halfway done, so I'll wait to fully reflect, but I definitely prefer my hometown to down here!

I guess it is good I like traveling, since I still have another two and a half weeks and 5 sets of flights after this week!

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