Saturday, May 7, 2011

It's Almost Time for the New House!


I cannot believe it is so soon! When it was four weeks before close, it felt like forever. Then at three weeks it felt A LOT closer. Now that it is less than two weeks away (and I am gone all of next week at training so really that is time that doesn't really count) it seems SO real!

We have our loan stuff all approved, which was the last step before close. The general process is that we went through pre-approval to get the basic stuff to build our file. Then it was submitted to the processors who request more information. Then once we had the appraisal completed (which came at just above our price paid, but we also have the seller paying for closing costs, which is another $7K we don't way, so heck yeah, our house is worth more than we paid for it :) ). Then it was submitted to the underwriters, who request more stuff. So now we have all of our stuff in and are approved. Phew!

We are going to have our very own space that we get to make our own. We are going to move into the house that we will be newlyweds in.  That we will raise our children in. That we will grow old in. That we get to decorate, redecorate and redecorate again. That we will have family over for holidays and birthdays.

We cannot wait to move into OUR house :)

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