Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bridal Shower #2

My Colorado bridal shower was a definite success!
One of my bridesmaids hosted the shower at my grandma’s house.
I had a chance to help set up the food and decorate. My mom made homemade lasagna and we had bread and salad with that. We had a lot of fruit and veggies, and chips and salsa. We had toasted ravioli and fruit and an awesome cake with purple and white flowers. We had purple and white balloons and streamers.
I got to wear a tiara with a veil, a “bride” button, and a “Bride to be” sash.

Once people started arriving, my sister had them fill out their name and address so I could send them a thank you card and they were also handed a “silly band” for a game. The game was that if you saw anyone with their legs crossed, you could steal their silly band. Definitely hard to not do! Especially in a dress, so I accepted my defeat pretty early on.  
I feel like everyone came at once! It was craziness. I had a hard time trying to introduce people to other people. It was a really diverse group. I had my closest friends from forever, my old co-workers, my family, family friends from different groups, and my newest friend, my realtor. Phew! I also had to accept defeat on introducing people. I was so glad at how many people came; it meant so much to me.
After we ate dinner we did presents. Let’s be honest that I LOVE presents. I love stuff. And with the new house I love stuff even more. And gifted stuff is the best. I got a ton of fantastic gifts J We registered at Bed, Bath and Beyond, and all of their boxes and wrapping are purple and white, which is perfect.
Then we did the toilet-paper wedding dress game. Everyone was broken up into three groups and each group had a “bride” who was decorated with a toilet paper wedding dress. As the actual bride I got to pick the winner. I picked team #3 (middle dress below) because it reminded me of the royal wedding dress Kate (Princess Katherine) wore.

Everyone took a little thank you jar with purple jelly beans home and then my mom and one of my bridesmaids cleaned up while I was distracted chatting with some of my other girls. Dylan and my dad packed up the gifts in the car on off we went.
Unfortunately we haven’t put anything away or used any of it since we are moving.
Thanks again for everyone who came! It just makes me so excited for the wedding and to celebrate some more. Oh and for the bachelorette party too J

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