Monday, May 2, 2011

2 Months To Go!

Today is May 2, 2011. That means we have two more months until the wedding!

I feel like this goes a couple ways--excited, relieved, and stressed!

Let's go in reverse order.

Stressed because my to-do list still includes finishing flowers, making programs, buying gifts for the bridesmaids and a lot of little details. And Dylan is totally slacking on the one thing he needs to figure out--a tux or suit for the wedding. These boys, I tell you!

Relieved because a part of me really cannot wait for the wedding to be over! It is such a turning point in our year. Our finances free up because we have been saving for the wedding for a year now (one year from this Saturday May 7!), so that will be really nice. I will have a lot of my free time back (although that goes both ways I suppose! Mostly good because then I don't have to be multitasking all the time and bad because I love having stuff to do!). Also, it will be nice to just be married, I already keep catching myself calling Dylan my husband.

Excited because it is exciting! I am all about celebrating me and we are having a HUGE party for Dylan and I! I am excited for the ceremony because of the actual wedding part and I am excited to drink, eat and dance with all of my friends and family at the reception. Excited because I love spending time with my family and we will be out in Nebraska for almost a whole week. Excited because then I get to wear my wedding ring :) Excited to be husband and wife.

I am always full of all sorts of emotions and I am sure all of these feelings and more will only increase as it the wedding day gets closer!

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  1. I can't imagine how stressed you are I was having my own rachel's wedding meltdown yesterday! so close!


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