Monday, May 2, 2011

Growing Up With My Parents

It amazes me how my relationship with my parents has grown and changed over the years.

This obviously makes sense as I have grown and changed a lot over the years as well. As such, my parental needs have changes too. I have gone from needing basic food and shelter and love to help with homework to guidance with school and boys and friendships to getting advice about work, marriage and managing a house.

I really consider myself very close with my parents. I love hanging out with them. We go out to movies, out for drinks, or stay in and play card games and drink, basically every weekend. I really think this is a relatively rare thing given my experience with other people's relationships with their parents.

One of the most memorable gifts I have probably ever gotten for my birthday is a frame with a quote "I knew I would love you as a daughter, but I am delighted to love you as a friend" I got from my mom this year. I really think it sums up our relationship really well. We both have the same job, so it have been interesting to compare our experiences with it. We have a lot in common, love to do things together and I definitely would call my mom one of my close friends.

My dad and I are really close as well. We usually talk to each other every day (mostly because my dad loves company and I prefer to call people when I drive home from work). I remember one day, years ago, I was probably in middle school or a freshman in high school, and my dad randomly mused out loud "what do you think you will remember about me after I die?" He didn't especially mean it in a morbid way (that's not my dad at all!) he meant it in more of a curious way of what things stood out about him. I still think about his question sometimes and realize certain things that always remind me of him even though he is (thankfully!) still alive.

Just some random musings of my own about growing up with my parents.

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