Sunday, May 1, 2011

Deposit for Puppy #2

Dylan and I finally had a chance to talk about getting puppy number 2.

The breeder said she had been quite a few inquiries and if we wanted to have first choice of the males, we would need to make out deposit.

We talked about it this morning and have talked about it over the last couple months. (I had emailed our breeder back in January to let her know we would be interested in getting another puppy from them after July) There are a couple factors we had to talk about in deciding to get another puppy.

1) Our financial situation. There are quite a few costs of getting a puppy. So we have the deposit, $300 dollars, then the final payment, another $300. We either have to travel out there to pick him up or have him flown out to us for $350. The cost to drive out there is about the same as shipping him and by driving we get to pick out the one we want in person. Then there are the shots, puppy class and other toys, leashes, etc. of getting a puppy. We still have Freya's crate, so we are good on that. It will be about $1000 the first couple months once we get the puppy, not including the deposit we will pay today/tomorrow.

2) Our living situation. We are moving into our house in 2 1/2 weeks (yay!) so that means we will have a yard and a doggie door so the puppy and Freya can go outside whenever they want. (we will definitely monitor the puppy for a while before letting him out on his own because he will be so little!) The other factor is the my cousin and his girlfriend will be moving in with us as well and living with us for a while. We still have to let them know we will be getting a puppy in August. I know neither of them are allergic to puppies and I know my house won't be messy so the puppy shouldn't get into too much and they will be living the basement, so hopefully it won't be too much of an issue. Plus puppies are freaking adorable and who doesn't want a puppy? Really?

3) Freya. Getting a second dog is definitely a big deal for the first dog. I really think that Freya will mostly love having a puppy. Especially one of her own breed. She always has an affinity for elkhounds, keeshans, and huskies when we go to the park, so I think she knows relatively what she is. As I have said before, she loves dogs. More than food, more than Dylan and I, Freya loves dogs. She is so social and loves to play all the time! The only downside for her will be sharing mom and dad's attention with another puppy. I think she will be fine in the long run with that though. It helps that we are getting a dog of the opposite sex (Freya is already fixed and we will fix puppy #2, so no breeding, too much work). They say it is actually best to get a second dog before the first one is 2 years old so they are not too set in their ways.

With all of this in mind, Dylan gave me the green light and we will put our deposit down probably today or tomorrow!

Oh and the dad of puppy #2 is Sven:

So a little lighter in color than Freya, I think he is beautiful! He is also a Champion Bloodline, so that's cool.

Yay puppy :)

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