Wednesday, April 27, 2011


We sent out the majority of our invites last week and another 15 will go out tomorrow (8 left! Stupid addresses...).
It is a huge weight off my shoulders! One big hurdle in the wedding process, one big check off the list. A couple of girls on have commented that when they sent their invites out it felt more real to them because there is no turning back now! I think the 100 days mark had more of an impact on me. I am mostly just glad to have them done!

The best thing is now we are onto the RSVP part and get to see who all will be there. This is important since it affects our cost, but more importantly it affects the size and atmosphere of the wedding. I am all about the more people the merrier!

Our total guest list is approximately 270 people. Of that we pretty much know already that about 30 people will not make it, mostly people that will be out of town guests that are more family friends and not that close to me and family and friends that will be out of the country at the time. Going through the rest of the list, I feel there are a few people that could go either way. The majority is family that I know will be there :)

As of today, of our 276 guests invited, 21 have RSVPd Yes and 10 have RSVPd No. Still a lot to go!

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