Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Marshall Five Months

Oh about three weeks ago Marshall turned five months old! I do at least prepare most of the post right around his change in month, I just can never make blogging a priority to actually put it all together any time near then.

Marshall was 26 inches long and weighed 16 pounds.

We tried baby food this month! He was really not a fan. Marshall tried rice cereal, sweet potatoes, squash, and carrots. Otherwise he eats around 30-35 ounces of formula (mixed with my frozen breast milk stash) per day. I officially stopped pumping at work at about 4 1/2 months and made it to just past five months old for breast feeding at night.

He woke up usually just once a night, but he did not sleep through the night at all. This was totally expected with all the new learning he had this month.

Marshall is very chewy, but still has no teeth.

He is basically smiley all the time. Even at daycare they said he is the happiest baby. Now he looks at the new kids and wonders why they are crying.

He is very determined and vocal when he wants things, but 90% of the time he is totally laid back. This has worked out really well this summer so we can still do a lot with Vander.

He has developed so many new skills! He is doing really well reaching for and grabbing things. He can pull on the music on one of his play gyms.

His core is getting really strong too. He can turn himself all around in the exersaucer. He is not quite sitting but getting close. He had a chance to try the umbrella stroller and totally rocked it.

He will roll over from tummy to his back. He thinks it is hilarious to do this when mommy has to put both him and Vander to bed when daddy is gone.

We had one really distinct time when he "worm crawled" and rolled over to a toy. He has done some pretty good scooting otherwise as well.

He is in nine month pajamas and 6 month clothes.

He has started enjoying peek a boo.

Marshall is getting very into Vander and enjoying watching what Vander is doing.

He is already a ham for the camera (I train my kids well!). He also loves being tickled and of course being sung to.

Another great month and he has already changed so much!

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