Monday, September 7, 2015

Marshall: Six Months

When I mentioned to Dylan that Marshall was officially six months old, he was shocked. Dylan said with Vander, it felt like a true six months, but with Marshall it seems much less. When I estimated four months he said he felt that was high. Guess that goes to show you how much more time flies when you have two kids, are getting older and summer happens.

Marshall grew by absolute leaps and bounds this month. He weighs 18  pounds and is just over 27 inches long, unofficially since he doesn't have his appointment for another week.

He can sit up on his own, but not for very long and I don't quite trust him since he gets mad when he falls on his face. He really seems to enjoy being able to look around more. He still loves standing up too and is trying to stand up holding on to things like tables and the couch.

Marshall can roll from tummy to back and back to tummy, I am not sure if he can go to the left and right or not, but he sure manages to get around now. We have witnessed him on all fours a couple times this last week, which means crawling is right around the corner. I hardly have to take my eyes off of him and he has moved several feet already. Feels like we need to go find those baby gates soon!

He is also really enjoyingnow. He was not a huge fan of baby food until the last two or three weeks, when it finally all clicked for him. He constantly wants to eat our food too (especially toast) so we have been giving him some real food in his little food pouch feeder thing for him to chew on. We have been through pears, peaches, bananas, and apples for fruits, and sweet potato, squash, carrots peas, green beans, and real mashed potatoes. We have also given him Ritz crackers, graham crackers and cheerios. We haven't been 100% on the one new food every four days rule, but we really don't have any allergies I am aware of in our immediate families at least and as long as he is interested I figure why not?

We still have no teeth. I am totally shocked since Marshall has been teething forever and is so drooly, but I have now decided he doesn't have teeth since the won't show up.

We started working on sleep training some more since we were through the new found rolling stage. He have had a couple nights (maybe three?) of sleeping through the night, but he has gone until like 5 am quite a few times without waking up at all. I hear him quite a bit since he bumps into the sides of the crib when he sleeps, but I will make sure he is really awake before I get him at night.

He is much more interactive and insistent on things now. He is grabbing and reaching for everything and he has a solid grip.

This is the second month he has been really into his feet. He grabs them all the time and eats them.

Firsts this month included his first swing ride, which he totally loved. He now gets to sit facing out on the carrier, so that makes his life much more interesting.

Marshall has been such a fun baby and I can't wait to see what get to experience next!

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