Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Pregnancy 2.0: 23-24 Weeks

In one day I went from mentioning to Dylan that I didn't feel overly pregnant and felt like I hadn't grown much in the last couple days to that evening I started having issues bending over and felt totally huge.

Since everyone on my dad's side of the family was going to be out of town this year we did an extra thanksgiving the weekend before. I got some practice with two babies!

I had a conference and a lot of timing sitting in the car driving up to Billings for thanksgiving, so I got to feel a lot of baby kicks!

It was nice to have a short week at work week and then getting to spend time with my family up in Billings! Having six adults entertain Vander was definitely helpful for me and super fun for Vander. He fell asleep right away every night.

It was really cold, but it wasn't a big deal since we didn't really ever have to go anywhere. That meant we got a lot of snuggle time in!

My pregnancy brain has been pretty bad this whole time, but it has gotten significantly worse these last couple weeks. I feel like I try to save my brain power for work so by the time I get home my logical reasoning and general grammar skills are pretty weak. Dylan is generally amused by this, but there are definitely times it is frustrating when I can't tell him what I am thinking since I literally cannot find the words!

I also had my 24 week doctors appointment. I am up about 23 pounds total (so clearly I am not going for the 25 pounds of the general 25-35 pound weight gain, but I gained 45 with Vander so I am not too worried!). Everything is right on track with the babies heart rate right around 144 and my uterus was measuring right.

The above mentioned pregnancy brain was in full swing at my doctor's appointment. Every time I have a doctor appointment I pee in a cup. This time I take the cup and set it down next to me and realize after I pee that I didn't pee in the darn cup! Full bladder plus pregnancy brain to not add up well!

We also made progress in preparing for this next little guy! We picked our nursery theme! We are going with a space theme. I ordered a little bedding set and just have to decide if we want more rockets or more planets for decor.

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