Sunday, November 23, 2014

Pregnancy 2.0: Week 22

I decided to not write a post for week 21, since not a lot was going on besides the gender reveal!

I must keep reiterating that it is so nice knowing what we are having! I would never be able to wait another 20 weeks, so I promise you all will always know what we are having as soon as we know!

We are so excited about having two little boys. We keep talking about how we think that will go. We always have different thoughts on different aspects of the future. One of the big ones this week was that Vander will always be cleaning up after his little brother, because you know little siblings are always messy... (Love you Goose!). 

Dylan and I also talked about his perspective on this pregnancy versus last time. He said I seem more comfortable with myself. Which makes sense since I know what to expect. Physically I have had a baby and that makes you much more comfortable with your body since it has put everything out there for everyone to see anyways, so there isn't much to be uncomfortable about. At the same time, I know I can get back into shape after a pregnancy, so that makes it easier to accept myself too. 

He also said I tend to get frustrated more quickly. Which is a very fair statement to make, since our lives are definitely much busier this time around and I don't always get the rest my body feels it needs. That is definitely the story of our lives for the foreseeable future.

This little buy is busy, busy all the time! He kicks a lot, but still not for anyone else! On Dylan and I's little get away last weekend, I got a massage and he was completely still when she was anywhere near my belly. So I think he will be a lot like Vander in that sense! Vander would mostly only kick for his daddy and a couple times for my mom and sister. 

My internal furnace kicked on this week. Just in time for Winter, so that works! It will come in handy when I don't feel like wearing a coat. Really though, it is kind of annoying, since I kind of like wearing boots in the Winter and need to when it is snowy out, but it is too hot to keep them on all day at work. I guess I will just bring a second pair of shoes to work. 

As of the end of the week we have four months until our due date! 

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