Saturday, November 1, 2014

Very Vander Weekend: Pumpkin Patch

I didn't have time to get around to sharing about our visit to the Colorado Pumpkin Patch last weekend, so I am doing it now!

After a delicious breakfast at my grandma's house, Dylan, Vander and I went to the Colorado Pumpkin Patch down in Larkspur. We wanted to get some pumpkins and also let Vander run around outside since it was so nice out.

We had a ton of fun!

First the boys did the hay bale pyramid.

Then we made our way over to pet some animals.

After washing our hands we checked out the giant bouncy pillow. I was really jealous the pregnant lady couldn't go bounce! Maybe next year!

They had the layouts for tepees (It is technically part of Jellystone Park camping area) and some fun tires to climb around.

After we checked everything out we were ready to check out the pumpkin patch and select pumpkins for mom and Vander.

It was a ton of fun! I definitely recommend going to a pumpkin patch with a kiddo next Fall!


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