Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pregnancy 2.0: Week 18

We are now less than five months away from our due date of March 20! It is starting to seem closer, but certainly feels far away in terms of how long until we get to meet this little one and that is a lot more months being pregnant!

The Braxton hicks ("practice contractions") started this week. Not looking forward to those, since they are just uncomfortable. They can normally start around 20 weeks and tend to be earlier and more uncomfortable in subsequent pregnancies per google.

Dylan and I are more able to process and think about what having a second kid will change. We are generally moving towards not going out to eat since Vander doesn't sit still well enough to last through a whole meal. That is a hard one to break since I am not a big cook myself and Dylan relies on me to decide meals. Once we have a second kid we really don't need to go out since we don't need to have one person watching a sleeping baby while eating and another chasing Vander around. We might as well do that at home where everyone is more able to do what they need.

We have started bringing things up a little more with Vander, that there is a baby in mommy's tummy, but we really don't expect him to get it even by the time she arrives. But one advantage to him being not even two is he can only get so mad at us right?

I am getting very impatient for the gender! It is really the next step before we can move on to other things on our to do list. We need to start prepping the new baby's room soon because we want my mom to help paint and both her and I have a busy season at work January through April. Also, we want to move Vander out of the crib in December so that he has a good couple months before the baby comes and so I can help out with that since again I will not be home much starting in January. Pleas than two weeks until we find out!



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