Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pregnancy 2.0 Weeks 13-17

I am getting all caught up! Partly because I have been epically failing on writing notes for each week. I wasn't taking down as many because I kept thinking I was almost caught up and was going to be blogging each week.

My excuses are that I have been reading a lot! I just finished Gone Girl.

Week 13
The biggest development this week was that I was up until 10:45 one night! I felt like I real adult and person! This was followed by one early night and then staying up past 10 again! I think the end of the fatigue is near.

We, ok I, decided we will do a gender reveal party. Part of this decision is from our friends who waited to find out the gender until Christmas with their families and they found it really special, so I like the idea of finding out in a way that is more interesting than just having the ultrasound tech tell us. The other part of the decision is I realized that I really feel comfortable with either gender.
Vander would have so much fun with a brother or a sister. There are clear practical pros and cons to either, like if we have another boy we have all the clothes and things already so we save a lot of money there. But mostly it doesn't matter as long as they are happy and healthy!

I also got my very first ever massage and facial this week! I went to visit my sister in Casper, WY (which is in between where we both live). I had told them I was pregnant when I made the appointment and it was going to work out perfect since they don't do massages before 13 weeks! Apparently that memo didn't make it to be massage therapist, but it worked out just fine. It was so amazingly relaxing!

Week 14

We made our announcement this week! I had made calls to people after our 12 week appointment but it ended up being Friday, the first day of week 14, that I was able to get the picture taken! So excited about having a Harry Potter themed pregnancy :)

Kicks started! By far one of the best things about being pregnant is the kicks and I got my first little flutters at the very beginning of fourteen weeks! They are definitely not going to be big enough for others to experience for a good while, but kicking makes it that much more real! But the hard part about feeling kicks this early is that I am not allowed to worry about not feeling them too much at this point, since the baby is still small and if she turns the other way I can't feel them at all. So exciting though! Almost 10 weeks earlier than my last pregnancy!

I had a serious craving, which has since happened again: chips and salsa. It could be chips and queso, chips and guacamole, chips and pico or chips and salsa, any would do. It literally was distracted thinking about chips and salsa for 15 minutes at work.

I have definitely had some interesting dreams, but I had a gender dream! Which I don't think ever happened with Vander. I dreamt about our gender reveal party and it was a girl!

I started to get really excited about having another baby after seeing all the little babies at the zoo this weekend! I am very curious how Vander will do interacting with a baby, so we may need to test this out soon. He is finally nicer to the dogs, but has been in a pinching phase with his mommy though...

The belly has been slowly but consistently growing, to the point where I have starting using it as a shelf for drinks and food when I am reclining.

Week 15
I really think this week was a blur with work and life, so nothing to note on the baby front!

Week 16

We went to Nebraska this weekend. Thank goodness I am past my tired stage since Vander kept going to bed really late. We were in town for the wedding is one of Dylan's friends. Vander was super busy, but had a ton of fun at everything.

We visited my family Sunday and I finally got a chance to meet my cousin's identical twin boys who are now about six months old. Which also meant I got to see how Vander was around a baby. I had one of the boys in my lap and Vander noticed, so he came and sat on the other side of my lap and he slowly edged the baby out of my lap. It was pretty funny. Then I was holding the other twin later and Vander was checking out his shirt and petting his head and did really well. So I think there is hope that at least he wasn't mean to them!

I had to get new clothes for the wedding since we didn't realize it was outside. I probably wouldn't have had anything to wear anyways that was appropriate for a Fall wedding. I managed to keep the maternity shopping to four items, including one other pair of jeans. I can wear jeans at my office basically every day, so I now have two maternity pairs which is nice.

I had a basic baby doctor appointment this week. No ultrasound (boo! It feels like it has been forever since I saw the baby!), but I did get to hear the heartbeat. More blood drawn, but all our tests came back on the good side.

Week 17

I had a couple "heavy belly" days, where I was very belly conscious and could just feel the extra weight.

The extra weight could be all the food I allow myself to eat... I have a bowl of cereal at home at 7:30 before I leave, then a second breakfast at around 10:00, usually oatmeal or toast with almond butter, then lunch at 12 or so, followed by one sweet snack and one crunchy snack, and then dinner. I have only had a couple nights where I eat another bowl of cereal or something after Vander goes to bed.

I really probably only eat an extra 300-500 calories though, so that isn't too terrible, since you are supposed to be eating around 300 more per day. I don't eat breakfast before work when I am not pregnant and just have oatmeal or toast at like 8:30 at work. 

And so far week 18 is going well!

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