Sunday, September 21, 2014

A New Otley

A new Otley witch or wizard is joining our family in March!

Dylan and I are super excited! It was a little earlier than we intended... But that works out just how it is supposed to. March people must be my favorite people since my husband, sister, several of my closest friends and a lot of relatives are born in March.

Vander really has no idea his life is going to change forever, but not much I can do about that... He will be 21 months apart from his sibling and I think it won't take too long for Vander to absolutely love his little brother or sister.

We will get to find out the gender the first week of November.

And the last question everyone asks: how am I feeling? Overall great! A little more nausea this time and definitely still trying to get past the first trimester tiredness (we are 14 weeks pregnant now).

Look forward to catch up posts of the first weeks and weekly posts during my pregnany with Baby Otley #2!


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