Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Easter Bunny Came Early This Year

This year the Easter bunny came early! (and during nap time instead of over night...)

We will not all be together next weekend for Easter, so we decided to do Vander's Easter basket a week early.

Originally, Dylan got a great deal on a plane ticket to Omaha to go visit his friends and family. When we both go, we end up running around a lot since we both have family there, so I figured Dylan should go for a long weekend by himself. Right after we bought the tickets, Dylan's parents were in town and suggested Vander go with him since it is free for him to fly along. I said that was fine since Easter doesn't mean a whole lot to us, just a big family brunch.  Not that it is overly important in Dylan's family either, but they won't have seen him since Thanksgiving. Since that decision, my sister bought a house in Billings, so I am going to drive up with my parents to see her and her new house. I am super sad she doesn't get to see him, but she has seen him more recently than most of Dylan's family and she will get to see him a lot in May. I am also super sad to not see Vander for five days, but I am glad I will be distracted by my sister.

As a result, we decided to do Vander's Easter basket this weekend. 

Vander legitimately posed like this all on his own before digging into his basket!

Shaking things is his favorite
I love this photo!

Do you think he was teething?!

Have a great Easter everyone!

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