Monday, March 10, 2014

Nine Months: New Adventures

This post is a week delayed due to Vander's nine month check up being on Wednesday and then me not getting around to blogging until now.

Vander is 22.5 pounds (73%) and 29.5 inches tall (81%), so still growing really well. It is amazing how skinny he is compared to how chunky he used to be! All the mobility has definitely slimmed him down (a good message for everyone I think!). He is a little low on his iron, so he has to go back to the yucky Poly-Vi-Sol drops, since I was unable to find a kids vitamin with iron in it. Otherwise his doctor appointment went really well.

Vander is an excellent crawler now. He is getting super speedy and we are definitely pretty well baby proofed at home. He is constantly pulling himself up on everything and getting quite proficient at cruising (walking himself along walls and furniture). Vander can also balance standing on his own for a couple seconds, but I don't think he quite realizes it yet.

Vander is definitely very busy and loves getting into everything. Literally. He loves trying to open containers, climb in to cabinets and empty everything out. We designated one cabinet from our bathroom for him. We put all sorts of fun stuff in there that makes noises and is good for chewing on. All stuff from the house, not any real toys, because random things from the house are way more fun.

Speaking of chewing, Vander has seven teeth. The four on top and the middle and left side on the bottom. I keep thinking he is getting another one (always), but I think he may get one of this canines next and not the right bottom one yet. We will see! He insists on chewing on everything, apparently including the teachers at daycare... Although we are working really hard to encourage him to not chew on people, so hopefully we nip the biting thing in the butt.

In terms of food, Vander eats pretty much whatever we eat. At the very least we always have to have something on our plates that we can share with him. The last two weeks he has vastly improved his chewing. I was kind of worried about it like three weeks ago, but something finally clicked and he does an excellent job of chewing his food. We try to provide balanced meals and include two to three food groups per meal. This site has been a great inspiration of what to feed him: Your Kid's Table.

He is always getting more intentional too. He will acknowledge when you say "no," even if he doesn't always  choose to listen. He is more interactive with adults and babies and is paying more attention to the dogs too.

Since we are already quite a ways into this month, I can tell you it is just as much fun!

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