Sunday, January 19, 2014

Time for a Cleanse

I am getting ready to do a 10 day cleanse! My patents, sister and Dylan are all doing it too.

My main motivation is a combination of my parents and wanting to get back on track before getting pregnant again.

My mom and dad did this cleanse for the first time March of last year. It jump started my dad's new lifestyle and 45 pound weight loss over this last year. He eats better, works out more and generally feels great!

I think we have all heard those last five pounds are the hardest and the last five pregnancy pounds from Vander have been exactly that. Then those five pounds went closer to ten pounds over the holidays. I knew I needed to get back in shape and go back to eating better again. With being pregnant I mostly ate whatever I wanted. After having Vander, life has been busy raising a newborn and then work has been extremely hectic so I haven't made time or effort to eat well or work exercise into my life.

That is changing now. I fondly remember my efforts this time two years ago and I had great results just eating better and moving more. I had so much more energy and felt better.

This cleanse is a dietary supplement plan and a diet including mostly no processed foods, no caffeine, no alcohol and no bad fats. Looking through the suggested meal plan got me really excited to try new things! I will eat five meals/snacks a day so I really shouldn't go too hungry. A lot of it is portion control too, which is one of the big things need to work on.

The cleanse is hopefully going to be my jump start to a healthier lifestyle. I have gotten back into running as week and have a workout plan that I will be starting tomorrow.

Off to bed to dream of the healthier me that is on it's way soon!

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