Monday, January 27, 2014

Fish and Cake

Day 8 of the cleanse!

Things are going really well! I still love trying the new foods and recipes.

We had breakfast nachos with multigrain tortilla chips, eggs (one whole egg and one egg white), beans, avocado and salsa and it was delicious! I very interesting alternative to potatoes as a base.

I ate carrot sticks as part of lunch this weekend. I really, really don't like raw carrots. They take approximately 5 minutes to eat one little baby carrot, but I ate six!

The biggest food addition was fish! I ate tilapia tonight for dinner. And not just a bite! I probably ate like 2 ounces! I know that doesn't sound like a whole lot but I don't eat a lot of meat anyways and I was sharing with Vander (who definitely liked it, but then again he loves everything, and we plan to try to keep him that way).

They say it takes trying a food about ten times until you will like it. So let's go new foods!

It has been really refreshing to have so many more veggies in my diet. I first got into them two years ago (how do you "get into" vegetables? It's not like they are a phase or anything... But anywho...) but then kind of fell out of eating them as much when I was pregnant. They just didn't sound good.

Don't get me wrong, this cleanse hasn't been easy. The hardest thing, much harder than I expected is the whole no sweets thing. I am totally down for eating fruit, but I really miss chocolate. My parents and Dylan and I were watching Modern Family yesterday and both episodes we watched had cake it them! Then all we could talk about was cake. Sigh. Only two more days!

I did end up cheating this weekend. One of my best girlfriends was in town and we went out for drinks one night and then all of my girls and my mom went to Canvas & Cocktails and I obviously drank there too. I knew I was going to to be drinking into the cleanse, so I wasn't too worried about it.

Now Dylan and I need to consider what parts of this diet do we want to keep doing and what parts we can let slide.

I will be back with the final details shortly, and now I am off to bed!

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