Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Week 34: More Hormones and Mom Moments

Most of this week has involved some crazy hormone moments, parenting realizations and some general preparation progress.

Let's start with the crazy hormones. Last Thursday we went to the Outback for dinner.  I had worked a little late getting through stuff so we didn't get to Outback until around 6:50, then we had about a 15 minute wait. Not a big deal. Dylan wanted a bloomin' onion, which was delicious but I only wanted to eat so much of since I especially wanted my steak and baked potato. Well it ended up being almost 20 minutes between being served our bloomin' onion and our salads. I proceeded to go into a rant at the table about how long it was taking and if it was that long between the appetizer and salad, how long was it going to be before we got our food?! Dylan told me after that he was with me a little at the beginning, but he said it may have been less to do with the restaurant and more to do with me being a tired, hungry, pregnant lady... It ended up being quite hilarious, once I actually got food.

Dylan and I also had some entertaining parenting revelations. I was making a grilled cheese, and was epically failing. Apparently I have been spoiled by Dylan cooking for me so often. So I left the room after I failed at checking my grilled cheese the first time, thinking that Dylan was going to handle it since he was right there. I came back a couple minutes later and had ended up burning the other side. Super fail. On thr bright side, it turned into two great parenting lessons: 1) Make sure you tag out when you leave the room and 2) Never assume the other person is aware you left or that they will do what you need or want them to. Communication is key!

Dylan and I each had separate parent realizations this weekend too. I was responding to a graduation invite and my ending comment was "Congrats on your first baby graduating!" and it hit me that I will be going through the little man graduating in 18 years! Dylan was at a bachelor party and it came up about our son's 21st birthday, so he had a similar moment of parenting flash forward.

You may have seen my post on the nursery, which we made excellent progress on this week! We still have a sizable list to-do, but it is turning out great :)

This afternoon, Dylan and I looked at our first day care. I decided it would be easiest to go one at a time on an as needed basis. We absolutely loved the one we looked at today. I don't know if things have changed that much since I went to preschool, but I was totally blown away at how advanced the school was and what the kids learn. There was a great teacher to child ratio, especially in the infant rooms.  The only draw back is they don't do cloth diapers, which we are planning to do. We are willing to investigate the diaper thing further if we still end up liking it best. We will look at another place nearby probably next week, and they do allow cloth diapers per the email I received from them when we first started our search about 2 months ago... But at least we found a place we really liked and definitely would feel comfortable with.

We have our next appointment tomorrow and everything should be well on track. I have been continuing with a lot of braxton hicks, but they are never really painful and are always really irregular. I am starting to be more ready for the baby to arrive sooner rather than later. If we only had like three weeks to go, that would be perfect. That would give me two weeks for my showers and then another one to get everything together, and we would be 37 weeks, so he would be term. But unfortunately we really have anywhere from 3 to 8 weeks to go. Mostly I don't want the uncertainty of when he will be born, but that is just how it works.

One last thing: We got our maternity picture proofs! I will try to post them this week! But here is a quick sneak peak :) (I had to put them into Paint to get some individual pics to show off, so they may appear a little more blurry than they actually are)

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