Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Week 27: Getting Ready

This has finally been a productive week in terms of getting ready for the little one. And by productive I mean that I have made steps towards actually getting stuff ready.
From last Friday
We finally did our baby registry this weekend! Dylan was really helpful with decision making and carrying my purse so I could scan better. I definitely need to look it over again and look into a couple things. I realized I know nothing about bottles and there are so many choices! I plan on breastfeeding at least through my maternity leave, but there will be times where I pump and we will eventually transition to formula feeding. We will also need to go back and register for clothes when it gets closer to my showers.
We started our child birth preparation class this week. I had COMPLETELY forgotten about it, but fortunately read some article during the afternoon that reminded me! It was a great first class. I love hanging out with other pregnant people. There are six couples, including us, and the due dates range from April 29 to June 15. We are on the later end but I think there was only one girl with a bigger belly than me, and she is due May 11. And I felt small this week (more on that in a moment). The teacher is really sweet and enthusiastic, which is great.
Dylan was asking me about my feet, so that I would tip over to look at them. I thought it was quite a clever picture!
I think the main thing I learned was that women are really unattractive during labor. I know that maybe sounds irrelevant, and also maybe obvious. And also that I want to make sure my hair is long enough to be pulled back out of my face. Really what I learned was that labor is a lot of work! I have not felt particularly nervous about labor, but this class made me a little more hesitant about it. Mostly just because labor is SO LONG. The average length of labor for a first time mom is 24 hours. She did make me feel better about that by stating that generally only 3 1/2 hours of that is actual contractions. We haven't covered medicated births yet, but I am even more sure I want to go that route. Dylan enjoyed the class and learned a lot. He said that he feels more like we are actually having a baby now.
From today, the last day of Week 27.
Most of this week I felt my belly was actually smaller than the prior week. I think it stretched and moved inwards, since my heartburn went from being a nightly occurrence to a all day occurrence. Super fun. But then today I woke up and swear I grew out like two inches from the day before. I know I am not making this up by the fact that I wore a tank top that I fit into just fine a week and a half ago that today would not keep my belly covered, as evidenced by the fact that it kept poking out the bottom.
Within the belly, the little man has been getting more and more active. I am beginning to doubt my ribs abilities to put up with another three months of kicking. Those kicks are getting stronger by the day.
And just to see how big I am getting, I removed my sweater.
Everything is going well! I am over my cold, thankfully. I received my fabric for the curtains and bought my fabric for the rug, which I just need to have time to start on. Just looking forward to moving through the next couple months!
Quite the basketball I am carrying around!

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