Sunday, July 8, 2012


A lot of why I haven't been posting a lot recently is that my brain has been approximately 90% consumed with getting pregnant and babies. Since that was the case and I am trying not to talk about it, it makes it hard to write since I'm not a very good liar. 

Well let's just go with a simple statement: no luck yet on that front. Like I said, I'm not a good liar and I REALLY missed being able to blog about everything going on in my head. I will try to limit it, but since there is nothing to report I might as well blog.
In the mean time, allow me to share the delightful life of someone in the processes of trying to conceive.
We all know I am impatient to begin with, but having to wait a whole two weeks to see if you are pregnant is terrible. The worst part is that it isn’t even that science can’t tell us sooner, it is that you have to wait for everything to "get settled" and then there is a chance that you have a chemical pregnancy (miscarriage essentially) during those first two weeks so you really want to wait those two weeks. 

To keep us hopeful people occupied there are a lot of great websites and apps out there. 

I spent/spend way too much time on looking through their Trying to Conceive Success Stories. Mostly this makes me feel for all of the people that have been trying for a long time and have gone to many lengths trying to get pregnant. It also makes me over-analyze every little thing my body does. 
I also spent/spend time on's PregnancyBuzz app that has a lot of answers to questions, both a list of answers to typical questions and a message board where people post their own questions and answers. Great for those times when you have a couple spare moments and want to indulge your pregnancy-itch.
As the TwoWeekWait.Com's What No One Told You page says, I had no idea my life would be lived in two week increments. The two weeks where you know you aren't pregnant and the two weeks where you might be.

Then once this wait is all finally over and with good news, a pregnancy, I will still have to wait. The first wait is to tell Dylan since I have a little surprise for him on how I plan to tell him.  The second wait is to tell our immediate family and the third wait is to tell everyone else. Then there is the pregnancy related waiting that once you get the positive test at home it needs to be confirmed by a doctor via blood test. Then the periodic visits to make sure everything is going well. Then you just want the baby out of you and that takes a whole lot of time too. Just a lot of waiting and anticipation.

One small thing to note: please, pretty please, there is no need to ask or tell me to relax. I know I have read success stories where it all works out when the couple takes a break, and maybe we will get to that point, but for now, we really are having a lot of fun, and if you know me at all, you know I do best with some organization.

In the mean time, I truly am loving life and enjoying our time without added responsibilities (although I might enjoy it more if I was drinking...). I know it will all happen in good time and when it is supposed to.

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