Monday, May 14, 2012

Roma Day 1

After traveling for 15 hours (well 16 due to a delay from Chicago to Frankfurt) we made it to Rome! We got off the plane and bought our Roma Passes which includes admission and discounts to places and also unlimited transport on the Metro for three days.

We took the bus to the Termini station. The ride over really made me feel like we were in a totally different country. Mostly because the cars we so small! They have mini minivans and mini SUVs and then all of their tiny cars. And then the motorcycles and vespas just zip in between all the cars and buses. The other thing I noted was that the houses reminded me of the University of Colorado at Boulder campus. Which is supposed to be the other way around, since the campus is in fact designed to look like Italian villas.

We made it to our hotel and then headed up to the National Museum of Rome. It was a nice light introduction to the Roman history.

I told Dylan this is what I want if we were to redo the patio

Look how tiny those tiles are!

Then we headed up to the Spanish Steps. They were absolutely gorgeous all covered in flowers! There were so many people. It was designed by Michelangelo and many poets have mused here include Keats, who died right in an apartment next to the steps and Lord Byron, who lived right around the corner.

In front is a fountain and this was my first experience drinking the water in Rome. You can drink from the fountains (the spouts) and there are spigots all over the city with fresh, clean water that tastes great. They have an ancient aqueduct system that still works great.

From the Spanish Steps we walked to the Trevi Fountain. Definitely one of my favorite places. You throw in a coin, make a wish and you will come back to Rome.

We grabbed our first Italian dinner including a bottle of wine, bruschetta, pasta and amazing dessert. Dylan had a stratachella dessert and I had a lemoncello, and I couldn't decide which was my favorite!

Then we headed over to see the Pantheon lit up at night.

On our way back we stopped by the Trevi Fountain again to see it light up.

Off to a good nights sleep for an action packed day in Ancient Rome!

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