Thursday, April 26, 2012

Too Many "Honey Do"s

These last couple weeks, work has been crazy (although, really, when is it not? so how about crazier than normal). We have also been doing a lot of house projects in and outside so I have been exhausted.

Dylan could tell I was stressed and that I had a lot of other stuff on my mind. He has been gladly doing more of the dishes, more feeding of the dogs, helping pick up little things, just generally doing a lot of smaller tasks that I would ask him to do because I was too mentally or physically tired.

Last week I emailed him (we email each other at work during the day, to say hi, to remind each other of things, talk about what we want to do that evening or weekend, etc.) and said thank you and that I really appreciated him stepping up and letting me be lazy.

Apparently I hadn't really given myself the message that I was still being lazy and was getting into the flow of expecting Dylan to do all those extra little things that I was just as capable of doing.

Let me flash back to one trip at Lake McConaughy about three years ago.  One of my cousins had just gotten married and she kept asking her husband to do little things for her and then being frustrated when he didn't hear her, didn't do it right away, or didn't do it quite right. Her mom, my aunt, commented to the couple of us there seeing her get frustrated, that it is always easier to just do it yourself. Just because you are married doesn't mean he has to wait on you hand and foot. Do it yourself and it will get done when and how you want it done.

I really hit home with me, even three years ago. I honestly think about that conversation quite frequently.

Just not these last couple weeks.

So this Sunday, after yet another long day of house work (which I honestly loved every minute of!), I was getting into the shower, and realized we only had a small sliver of soap left. So I asked Dylan, who was in the room, to grab a new bar of soap. He got the soap and upon delivery he said, "That was your last "honey do."

He said it in good humor, but he was being honest. I really needed that little reminder that I can do things myself too.

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