Sunday, November 20, 2011

Our Basement

We have a basement now! The roomies moved out last Saturday and I have been a busy girl since then (even with a cold slowing me down, and now Dylan has a cold which slows me down too since he does the heavy lifting...).

I want to show you a before and after. I don't have any pictures of when my cousin and his girlfriend lived down there, but we are all done rearranging the house.
This is the bedroom/office before:

This is it now (where I am sitting!):

As you can see we moved all the bookshelves down here and my desk. I have my craft stuff in the closet that will eventually be organized into the hanging shelves I forgot I had that used to hold shoes and sweaters. We also have the wine in the cabinet in the closet, but I think we have actually decided we will turn the closet in the kitchen in the basement into the wine cellar and make it so it actually seals and stuff. Since it is a smaller space and we would not need to use it, it can go to this much better use.
This is the basement kitchen before (we had them move the foosball table down since it is really heavy!):

We haven't done too much with the kitchen area yet. We will get a table the will go to the left of the picture above, but that won't be for a little bit. We also decided that a little bit longer term we will set up the TV and get a small love seat or two chairs for Dylan to play video games. We will eventually get rid of the foosball table as a result, but this probably won't happen until the middle of next year at the earliest. We did move the bar stuff downstairs though  :)

Here are the glasses that are in the cabinets above the sink:

Then Dylan put the alcohol in the various cabinets on the back wall. This is the cabinet up next to the fridge:
 This is the cabinet below that:
 This is the cabinet above the stove:
Not a bad start! This opened up a whole cabinet in our kitchen upstairs, so in the next couple weeks I will be arranging up there a little bit (hopefully with a rack/shelves on the pantry door... *fingers crossed*).

Hang in there to check out our other changes! We literally arranged every room except the master bedroom, so it is clearly too much for one post.

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