Sunday, November 20, 2011

Arranging the Main Level

We also arranged the main level(s) of our house! Our house looks so weird to me now! Even though we moved some of it last weekend, I am still getting used to it all.

The living room before:
The couches in the living room were my cousin's, so with those gone we had to bring back Dylan's old couch that had been hanging in my parents' basement. We also had my cousin and family and Dylan move the piano into a much more prominent location:

The plan is to get at least a love seat for the open corner and a chair for the little corner. I am thinking we will get love seat to replace the green couch as well so there will be room for an end table. We will get a coffee table too. I think I am going to stick with the dark brown like the couches we had in there, and do a robin's egg blue for the accent color.

Here is the dining room before:
We obviously moved the bookshelves to my new office in the basement, since we have the space down there and we figured it should look more like a dining room. We also moved the liquor chest to the basement since all the liquor is now put away in the basement kitchen. Since we moved the wine rack as well, I arranged the decor on the buffet and it looks much less clustered. Overall it looks much more like a dining room:
The only thing we have left to do in the near term is to put in the hook to lift the chandelier. I hit my head twice on it the other day and when we move the table to the side for when we have a party, the light is just hanging at eye-level.

Now for the family room! I won't show you a before, since it didn't change really too much. We technically didn't need to arrange the room. The only stuff that was taken when my cousin moved out was the end table and lamp, but we bought those replacements last weekend at IKEA already. I did decide to move the TV stand to the corner and we moved the DVD case against the wall below the kitchen.

 Then since we found a $50 Visa gift card when we moved things around, I went and bought a second DVD case since we had too many DVDs to fit in the one.
I love the new arrangement! It makes it easier to see the TV from all sides of the couch and easier to see from the kitchen. It makes the room overall more open but the area with the couch and TV more cozy. I am also getting a good start on my shelves for the wall below the kitchen.

The couple things left to do in the family room include finishing the stuff for the wall under the kitchen and getting a new rug (we have an 8' x 5' and we think a 9' x 6' would be perfect to fill out the space better). I think since we moved the TV I want to get another end table, but I know we will replace the ottoman once we are sure the puppies are done destroying things and I think I will just do a coffee table instead of an ottoman.

The kitchen was arranged so far only in that the barware was moved to the basement. Any arranging in the kitchen overall will not be tackled until after Thanksgiving.

Such a nice transition! I love my house so much and I am always impressed at how it keeps getting better all the time!

One last step in the arranging photos: guest bedrooms!

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