Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Beard Is Gone!

Let's start the beginning. Back in like July Dylan said he wanted to do a Halloween costume with a beard. I said he could have the month of October with a beard.

Keep in mind that I absolutely hate facial hair. One time Dylan left his razor at my house in Colorado when he still lived in Lincoln, so he didn't shave for 5 weeks (too cheap to buy a new razor, we were in college in his defense). After not seeing him for 5 weeks, I gave him one kiss when he picked me up at the airport and then I said I wouldn't kiss him again until he shaved. So me letting him have a beard for a month was definitely a big stretch.

It gets to September and I decide to let Dylan start his beard on the 15th so he could have a solid beard come Halloween.

This is the first weekend of October, so he had clearly made good progress by then:
This is Halloween:
Then Halloween came and went. Still the beard. Dylan said he'd shave it eventually. I reminded him that wasn't the deal. But I figured ah well, he'll get a couple more days until I am really sick of it. He cut his hair so he could get a couple more days, but personally it looked even more ridiculous (although people at work apparently liked it better, ew).

Turns out the final straw was when I went to see the new Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn, Part 1. It reminded me that I used to have a really attractive and handsome husband because Dylan looks like Edward/Rob Pattinson. This is not just my opinion since when we were in Forks, one lady from one of the Twilight stores asked if Dylan was Rob Pattinson. (So yes, I really did marry my own version of Edward, AMAZING!). Dylan's hair is usually shorter than Edward's, so when Rob Pattinson was in Water for Elephants, I made this:
And posted it on Facebook. Te he. Seriously, don't their facial features loo super similar?! Very close hair color too. Love it!

So I came home from Breaking Dawn at 10:15 Thursday night and told Dylan he was going right then and there to go shave his beard. I even told him I missed my Edward husband and he still did it. Such a great husband, and now and handsome one too! I don't have a new picture to show you since he is kind of sick and sleeping on the couch right now, but I love his face so much more without the beard. It's so nice to be more attracted to my husband again :)

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